It’s Snowing On WordPress! Easily Add Snowfall Animations To Your Images

With the latest release of Image+ for WordPress, you can easily add snowfall animations to any of your images.

Before: an ordinary image

Here’s the image before it is converted into an Image+. It’s a nice photo, but will it engage your audience like the one below?


After: Image+

Here’s the Image+ with Snowflakes added, plus a subtle pan & zoom effect, and a Happy Holidays caption:


Simply add your image, or convert your existing image to an Image+ block, or use AI to create a festive image from your description, then select “Snowflakes” and “Let It Snow”:


According to our AI weather reporter, it will automatically stop snowing on New Year’s Day, so you can party all you like on New Year’s Eve without stressing about remembering to turn the snow off!

Also included in the latest release of Image+ for WordPress is WooCommerce integration. Automatically show more of the images that result in more WooCommerce cart and checkout activity, thus increasing your overall sales. It will pay for that New Year’s Eve party.

Read more about engaging your visitors with eye-catching effects and animations, and optimizing your images based on WooCommerce cart and checkout activity.

Happy Holidays from the team at Images With Benefits!

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